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Valvular Simulators

Hands-on experience
Main users: Engineers & Researchers


Extensive expertise lies in valvular procedures, having collaborated with numerous companies to develop simulators for heart valve repair.

We offering our knowledge to accelerate the development of your delivery system and device.

Execute procedures in your facility, ensuring precise catheter navigation and complete control over friction.

The simulator is meticulously crafted to accommodate a diverse array of all valvular procedures, including transaortic, transseptal, femoral venous/arterial access, and jugular access, ensuring comprehensive training opportunities.

The simulator support a wide range of valvular procedures, catheterization approaches, and techniques. Its exceptional durability ensures longevity, while its design allows an easy disassembly and pull outing of deployed devices. Customizable extensions can also be integrated upon request. With the ability to mimic valves and annuluses using client-provided data and activate them with a pulsatile pump, the simulator enables focused examination of mechanical challenges and thorough testing of the implanted valve.


Note: All valves are the intellectual property of the client.

Pressure functionality: 0-400 mmHg

Temperature functionality: 4-60 C


  • Wall thickness 200-800 microns

  • 30-80 Shore A

  • Transparent / Opaque

  • Fluoroscopy compatible


  • Aortic / Miral / T.C. / Pulmonary

  • Anuluses

  • Coronaries

  • Bio-mimetic

  • Compliance


  • water

  • saline

  • IPA

  • Air

Fluid circulation:

  • Flow water pumps

  • Pulsatile pumps

  • Low air pressure pumps 


  • Valve housing


  • Valve cages (specific design)

  • 3D acrylic fixing frame

  • Draining Liquids Plate

  • Client logos 

  • Tubing

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