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Pulse Pump

Provides a lifelike pulsation, replicating clinical conditions and creating an effective experience for medical professionals working with simulated use models.

Stable, Friendly use & Silent

Simplicity of operation of use is a cornerstone in the design of the pump which means, controlling the sinusoidal wave by 3 critical parameters:

  • Pulse frequency

  • Pulse volume

  • Diastolic / Systolic control

Complex wave forms can be programmed through the system screen.

Equipped with two removable valves and standard luer  disposable pressure sensors, the Pulse Pump can easily adjusted to operate simulated use models, heart valves or activating verity of bench test devices. 

A balanced massive structure and high end components ensure  reliability and silent operation.

Loyal to our strategy, we will custom this pulse pump to your needs, adding compliance chambers, valve set ups, software extensions, sensors and welcoming any modifications.


Pulse Frequency: 10-200 BPM

Pulse volume: 10-140cc 

Flow rate: 20 L/min (max) 

Diastolic / Systolic control

Waveform programing: 99 waves

Pressure sensors: 0-300 mmHg

Temperature range: room-50℃ 

Pulse counter

Cardiac output display 

Time counter 

Analog ports: pressure & movement 

Emergency shut of button

Touch screen: 7" , 10", computer screen

Input Voltage: 220V 

Weight: 17.4 kg

Dimensions: 78x25x54 cm

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