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Who We Are

About Pangolin Medical

Our company is comprised of medical device engineers with extensive experience in the endovascular field. Stenting, catheters and delivery system testing are our daily routine.

Our team includes radiologists, catheterization physicians, chemists and materials engineers.

We strive for excellence and aim to set the industry standard in the field of simulated use models.

Pangolin team

Our Vision

To empower clinicians and medical device companies, by creating lifelike clinical simulators, for better patient care and outcomes.

Our Mission

To bring the inaccessible to your fingertips. 

About CEO Ohad Shafran

Ohad Shafran is the CEO of the company and a skilled R&D engineer with over 20 years of experience in the cardiovascular and medical device industry.

Residing in a small village nestled between mount Carmel and the Mediterranean Sea, he draws inspiration from the natural world surrounding him.

In his free time, Ohad enjoys surfing, riding, playing the drums and freediving.

With a background as an extreme sports athlete, his adventurous spirit continues to shine through in every project he undertakes.

He perceives himself as a friend and partner to every challenge, displaying a deep passion for both his work and his family.

Ohad endeavors to approach life with unwavering enthusiasm and wholehearted dedication

About CEO Ohad Shafran

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Medial simulator

"Give Me Six Hours To Chop Down A Tree, And I Will Spend The First Four Sharpening The Axe"

Abraham Lincoln

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