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Travel kit Simulator

Portable, compact, reliable with exceptional visibility.
Main users: CEOs, presenters, and demonstrators.


Travel kit simulators are suitable for frequent travelers, including professionals who often attend conferences or workshops and need to bring their simulation equipment with them.

They are also ideal for educators or trainers who require portable simulators for conducting training sessions or demonstrations in different locations.

Travel kit simulators are compact and easily disassembled and assembled for portability.

They come in protected cases, often resembling trolley cases, making them suitable for air travel and safe shipping.

These simulators are known for their reliable performance and user-friendly operation, requiring no technical expertise or additional tools.

Additionally, they prioritize visibility, ensuring that your devices and technology are prominently displayed, garnering attention and recognition.


Pressure functionality: 0-200 mmHg

Temperature functionality: 4-40 C

Materials: Silicone / PU / Rubber / CNC / 3D Prints

  • Wall thickness 200-800 microns

  • 30-80 Shore A

  • Transparent / Opaque

  • Ripstop

  • Fluoroscopy compatible


  • 1-9 segments / custom

  • Compliance


  • water

  • saline

  • IPA

  • Air

Fluid circulation:

  • Flow water pumps

  • Pulsatile pumps

  • Low air pressure pumps 


  • Main fitting - CNC

  • Knob - CNC

  • Sealing plug - CNC

  • Gaskets x 3

  • Hemostatic catheter port


  • 3D acrylic fixing frame

  • Draining Liquids Plate

  • Client logos 

  • Tubing


  1. Camera

  2. Spine / Customed features

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