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Training Simulator

Training new device, clinical practice and education.
Main users: Clinical sits ,hospitals and clinical centers


Developed to enhance skills and familiarity, it offers unparalleled opportunities for practice and mastery.

With our simulator, you can engage in realistic catheterization procedures, gaining invaluable hands-on experience and a deep understanding of intricats delivery systems and deployed devices.

Engineered for durability, reliability, and ease of use, our simulator ensures seamless device retrieval and operation.

Its sleek design commands respect and presents the medical product with the dignity it deserves.

Step into the future of medical device training and elevate your performance with our state-of-the-art simulator.


Pressure functionality: 0-200 mmHg

Temperature functionality: 4-60 C


  • Wall thickness: 200-1200 microns

  • 30-80 Shore A

  • Transparent

  • Ripstop

  • Fluoroscopy compatible


  • 1-9 modular segments

  • Disposable anatomies (optional)

  • Tailor made segmenta (optional)

  • Compliance


  • water

  • saline

  • IPA

  • Air

Fluid circulation:

  • Flow water pumps

  • Pulsatile pumps

  • Low air pressure pumps 


  • Main fitting - CNC

  • Knob - CNC

  • Sealing plug - CNC

  • Gaskets x 3

  • Hemostatic catheter port


  • 3D acrylic fixing frame

  • Draining Liquids Plate

  • Tubing


  1. Camera

  2. Spine

  3. UltraSound chamber

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