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High risk procedure Simulator

Bring the inaccessible to your fingertips in a risk-free environment


Our simulators are designed to provide effective training and enhance preparation for high-risk and complex interventions.

Leveraging the off-the-shelf endovascular simulator platform, we customize the relevant segments to address specific simulation and training challenges.

This unique structure allows for the disassembly of each provided segment, (such as the aorta and right atrium, etc.) enabling their replacement with anatomical designs tailored to the specific case.

While our top priority is achieving rapid and precise production, it's important to acknowledge that there may be potential compromises in visibility and durability.

Nonetheless, our high-risk simulator significantly enhances success rates, starting from pre-planning and extending to technique and tool selection.

By thoroughly preparing users for critical moments, we instill confidence and readiness


Pressure functionality: 0-300 mmHg

Temperature functionality: 4-60 C

Materials: Silicone,P.U. Rubber, 3D prints

  • Wall thickness 200-2000 microns

  • 30-80 Shore A

  • Transparent / Opaque

  • Fluoroscopy compatible


  • 1-9 segments

  • Compliance


  • water

  • saline

  • IPA

  • Air

Fluid circulation:

  • Flow water pumps

  • Pulsatile pumps

  • Low air pressure pumps 


  • Main fitting - CNC

  • Knob - CNC

  • Sealing plug - CNC

  • Gaskets x 3

  • Hemostatic catheter port


  • 3D acrylic fixing frame

  • Draining Liquids Plate

  • Tubing

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