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Renting Simulator / Pulse pump

Achieve significant Milestones, Showcase Expertise, and Take Center Stage at International Exhibitions through Our Rental Services.


Unleash your endovascular prowess through our bio-mimetic simulators, immersing yourself in a realistic environment that elevates your device proficiency, skills, and expertise.

Surpass crucial milestones as you refine techniques and gain confidence in complex endovascular interventions through specialized rehearsal procedures.

Document your training journey and celebrate accomplishments with professional photo sessions, showcasing your unwavering commitment to excellence.

Harness the power of our simulator rental services, which include a pulse pump, enabling you to practice and refine your skills at your facility or preferred location.

Take center stage in the global endovascular community by participating in international exhibitions, where you can connect with experts, demonstrate cutting-edge technologies, and make a lasting impact.


Pressure functionality: 0-200 mmHg

Temperature functionality: 4-60 C


  • Wall thickness 200-800 microns

  • 30-40 Shore A

  • Transparent

  • Ripstop

  • Fluoroscopy compatible


  • Left ventricle

  • Left atrium

  • Right ventricle

  • Right atrium

  • SVC

  • IVC

  • Pulmonary veins

  • Pulmonary arteries

  • Coronary arteries

  • Aortic arch + 3 branches

  • Aortic sinus

  • Aoric valve

  • Aortic abdominal

  • Femoral arteries

  • abdominal vein

  • Femoral veins

  • Jugular Veins


  • water

  • saline

  • IPA

  • Air

Fluid circulation:

  • Flow water pumps

  • Pulsatile pumps

  • Low air pressure pumps 


  1. Camera

  2. Spine

  3. UltraSound chamber

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