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Pangolin simulators

Creating biomimetic simulators to bring the inaccessible to your fingertips.

Endovascular Simulators

We collaborate closely with our clients to define and develop tailored solutions, incorporating them into crafted simulators. Whether tackling R&D challenges or pioneering first-in-human procedures, we transform complex ideas into compelling demonstration tools for exhibitions, physician training, and marketing.

Pulse Pump

Provides a lifelike pulsation, replicating clinical conditions and creating an effective experience for medical professionals working with simulated use models.

What We Offer

Dip Coatings

Our dip coating process uses medical-grade materials. We offer a complete production package, including tooling & manufacturing protocols.

The Workshop

The workshop is the beating heart of the company. Equipped with the right tools we create in-house. Passion to produce solutions with our customers, for our customers.

What We Do

We empower clinicians and medical device companies, by creating lifelike clinical simulators, for better patient care and outcomes.  

Our Custumers 


"When it came to testing our transcatheter delivery system for mitral valve replacement, we chose Pangolin's simulator. I can confidently say that their endovascular simulator is one of the most advanced and realistic options on the market today. Their commitment to creating accurate simulation environment is evident in the level of detail and functionality of the simulator. We were impressed by the passion and dedication of the Pangolin team to assist us with our testing needs. Their expertise in both the medical and engineering aspects of the catheter world is top-notch. I highly recommend Pangolin to anyone looking for a reliable and realistic simulation environment for testing their transcatheter delivery systems."

TruLeaf Medical

Benjamin Spenser

CEO, TruLeaf  medical

Inventor of Sapien 3 

The first transcatheter aortic valve.

"Pangolin's exceptional work in designing multiple simulators for our product development and physicians' training surpassed all expectations. From initial needs assessment to product planning and execution, their dedication was evident. The simulators' precision in anatomical replication impressed both our team and physicians, replicating the authentic implant experience with remarkable accuracy. We are delighted with the results and grateful for Pangolin's expertise."

Endospan Logo

Rafi Benary

CEO, Endospan

“Absolute dedication, non-conventional thinking, and professionalism – these are the traits that make Pangolin a first choice for any medical device project, anywhere from concept to first-in-man. Highly recommended.”

Vascular Dynamics

DR. Itzik Avneri

CEO, Vascular dynamics

"I had the pleasure of working with Pangolin on a project where we needed to create a bio-mimetic anatomy model to test our dynamic 3D valvular apparatus device. I can confidently say that Ohad, who led the project, is a first-class professional who brought his creativity and problem-solving skills to the table. He was able to solve problems that seemed unsolvable and was always available to discuss the project at any hour. Ohad's expertise and dedication were instrumental in the successful completion of the project. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future."


Sira Burg

CEO, Symbiosis medical

"Pangolin has been an invaluable partner for several companies dealing with implanted and disposable products. Their relentless determination sets them apart; while others struggled, Pangolin consistently provided solutions. Their rapid and cost-effective problem-solving ability is unmatched. Thanks to their support, we swiftly transitioned from conceptualization to animal experiments in just a few weeks. For startups seeking speed and efficiency, Pangolin is the ultimate solution. Highly recommended!"

Asymmetric Medical

Ori Weisberg

CEO, Asymmetrical medical

"When designing a new product it is always very important for me to be able to express myself with the other side being able to listen. It is not something many designers are capable of doing but Ohad is definitely able to and is very open about working together as a team. His creativity, cleverness and down to earth personality are just a bonus."


Yaron Bar-Lev

CEO, Blade

Medical lifelike clinical simulator
We empower clinicians and medical device companies, by creating lifelike clinical simulators, for better patient care and outcomes.
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